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Vin Garbutt...all the very best
This CD is SOLD OUT in the UK and is no longer available from Vin's website. But copies are still available from the Australian outlets.   This new CD is a recording of Vin's last ever performance in concert in Australia, recorded at Burke & Wills Folk Festival March 2016. The CD has…
The afternoon of 15th April 2018. Tribute To Vin Session at The Station, Loftus.
Message from Tony Leonard:      On Sunday afternoon 15th April we will be running a "Tribute to Vin Session" at Vin's local, The Station Hotel, Loftus, N Yorks. We are inviting anyone interested in playing to contact me ( with two songs…
Christmas Greetings
Thank you everybody for all the cards and messages that I  and my family have received over the Christmas period. All of us came together and we had a lovely time. The grandchildren showed us the magical spirit of Christmas and did their best to hug our sadness away. I'm sure that Vin was amongst…
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