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The Vin Garbutt Song Book contains a selection of 17 songs written by Vin between 1970 and 2000. The music is detailed so that various instruments can be used - not just guitar. It is also fairly true to the original CD or LP recordings, hopefully making them easier to follow.


If you are not a musician we think you would still find the book of interest; the lyrics alone make inspiring poetry. The songs included are:


  1. The Valley Of Tees
  2. Not For The First Time
  3. The By-pass Syndrome
  4. Filipino Maid
  5. The Land Of Three Rivers
  6. England My England
  7. Welcome Home Howard Green
  8. When The Tide Turns
  9. Old Cissy Lea
  10. Dormanstown Jimmy
  11. Slaggy Island Farewell
  12. Lynda, Darwin To Dili
  13. The Troubles Of Erin
  14. El Salvador
  15. Danny Danielle
  16. The One Legged Beggar

The Vin Garbutt Songbook: Volume One

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