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Can you help with annecdotes about Vin?
A message from Mike McGeary. Hello all! I’m working with Vin on a book telling the story of his career in music and his life so far – and it would be great if you could help! If you have any memories, stories or anecdotes you think should be included, please get in touch. Whether you’re…
The quality of online videos have improved greatly in recent years and Craig has put together a new 5 min. trailer for 'Teesside Troubabour' DVD. You can watch it here: TRAILER
The Story Of Lynda
Filmmaker Craig Hornby who made my DVD has uploaded a page on his website about the bizarre coincidence that came to light when he was making the film. Craig recently received some new info and pics about it and decided to put it all online. I won't give the game away here but it is very interesting...…
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