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Welcome to the new Vin Garbutt website!

We hope you enjoy the new official website for Vin Garbutt, improved and updated with a number of enhanced and original features (with more to be introduced over the next few weeks).

What has been introduced?

Discography View Vin's full discography all on one page, 15 albums stretching from 1972-2014.

Take a look at the new dedicated page for Teesside Troubadour, the documentary feature film by Craig Hornby, telling the definitive story of Vin Garbutt.

A new and improved shop with reduced prices where it is easy to find your favourite VG album, songbook or DVD.

Thanks to the efforts of Craig Hornby during and after the production of Teesside Troubadour, we are able to share an extensive collection of images from Vin's life and career, stretching from the 1960s through to the 2010s.


Over the next few weeks we hope to add more features and content to the website, including a new biography, a reviews page, more detail on the discography and a tributes page. Thanks for visiting!


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