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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody. The last message on this page was to say Happy New Year to you all so where have the weeks and months gone in between? Well mostly in Australia. I had a fantastic tour, I loved all of the gigs and it was great to catch up with the very many friends that I have out there. So many people were involved in making the tour happen. Thanks to the club organisers, friends who gave us accommodation, friends who lent me their guitars as I didn't take my own, friends who helped with the logisitcs of flying and driving around the country and of course a special thank you to my agent Andrew Pattison who put the whole tour together. I was daunted by the prospect of the long haul and all the travelling but Andrew never doubted for a moment that I would be fine with it and I was!  'It couldn't be done but I did it'!!

So hope you all have a lovely Easter Day, I am off to have lunch with my family and no doubt fall asleep on the sofa.

All the very best! 



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