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Back on the road at last

I'm Home! safe and sound, Wey Hey! What a fantastic weekend! My first little tour since September went marvellously. Drove (er? Pat drove) 180 miles to the Potteries folk club and Annie and Terry did us proud. The audience were great and even helped to find me a PA at the last minute. On Saturday we drove over the Peak District to Sheffield. The Greystones was packed to the gunnels and I got the sympathy vote off the audience after exaggerating about my leg transplant. We left the Greystones immediately after the gig to get to our hotel at the Washington services. This was to get us part of the journey north to Scotland. That's when we discovered the A1 closed and added an extra hour to the journey! We got mto bed at 2am. Up and out on Sunday morning to get us to Glenfarg for an afternoon soundcheck. We hit loads of sleet and snow over the Cheviots between Kielder and Lauder. Character building! So was the unintentional consumption of loads of white bread which played hell with me intestinal transit. It felt as though I'd swallowed a van! Glenfarg festival was great. The standard and quality of music was very high from the main concert to the sessions in the hotel. The organisers an the audience gave me a warm welcome and made the evening easy for me I'm glad that there was an interval between 'Mairearad and Anna' and me because they were absolutely fantastic. a hard act to follow. Fiddle, Guitar, Accordion, Bagpipes and songs. Keep your eye out for them. Pat drove us the two hundred miles home yesterday and we called in to see our new grandson Theo with his proud and exhausted parents Tim and Sarah- jo in Middlesbrough. The trip was a total success. Thank you everyone! On Thursday it's a 260 mile trip to Uxbridge (haven't played there for 35 years) It's missionary country so get yourselves there. I need you! Tarraaa!


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