Word Of Mouth

Released in 1999 to coincide with Vin's '30 Years On The Road' tour. The album is a mixture of Vin's own compositions and songs which he had collected on his travels, often from floor singers. These songs are an example of the wealth of talent to be found in our folk clubs and Vin was proud to bring them to a wider audience. There were old and new songs from Vin's repertoire, none of which had been previously recorded. Vin's songs are as usual, thought provoking and emotive.


If anyone is the voice of the ordinary working class in the mostly trendy, middle class world of the folk revival it is Vin Garbutt. In Vin and his concerns we see the concerns of the ordinary man and woman in the working man's club. Here are the gut reactions that brought such overwhelming support for the refugees of Kosovo. In many ways this is typical Garbutt. Everything is coated with wonderful melody, passionate singing and sharp recording.


This CD of brand new recordings, released to mark 30 years on the road for this highly individual performer, demonstrates why Vin's still such a big draw on the folk club circuit. What songs though! I've lost count of the number of times over the years when I've been captivated by a song new to me and been told "it's one of Vin's" or "Vin does it". A compelling, satisfying and essential disc.

The Living Tradition

Vin was never one to shirk the issue or avoid controversy. A truly fine album of thought provoking material from one of the best around. Highly recommended.

Dave Beeby


Above all else this album reflects all the talent, skill and integrity which have kept Vin at the top for so long.

Jim Hancock

Folk On

Vin must be amongst the most in-demand performers this decade and he continues to produce the most stunning performances and albums.

Doug Porter

Word Of Mouth

Word Of Mouth

Track Reviews

City of Angels

Heartbreakingly evocative

Steve Caseman, Rock 'n' Reel

Classic Garbutt. He examines the misery of the tourist sex trade of South East Asia through a narrative which gives that misery a name and a face.

Jim Hancock, Folktalk

Forty Thieves

How good to see Dave Evardson's song included. Good singers don't just sing songs they wear them and Vin wears this as if it were made to measure.
Jim Hancock, Folktak

Dark Side of the Moon

The writer Rock Berntsen steps outside politics to see the Falklands War from the point of view of humanity.

Jim Hancock


Vin's ongoing trawl of 'unsung' song writing talent cannily nets (amongst others) York based Stan Graham's 'Sarajevo', a minor masterpiece of universal directness and touching simplicity.

Waits and Weeps

Tells the story of the poverty and unemployment which drove so many to work offshore or abroad.
Jim Hancock, Folktalk

The outstanding song of the album, with the most memorable tune.
Jeff Gillett, Folkwrite

Time and Tide

Written by Beth Lyall and John Crookes, this song comments on the launching of The Richmond, the last great ship to be built at Swan Hunters on the River Tyne, signalling the end of a once prosperous ship building community. A suprisingly catchy song considering the subject matter.
Jim Hancock, Folktalk

The Troubles of Erin

The poignant lyrics of 'The Troubles Of Erin' may well become a Garbutt classic.
Jed Mugford, ShireFolk

A peaen to peace following the ceasefire in Ireland, is a beautiful piece of work, well written and well sung. It ought to be number one in the charts; it never will be of course.
Richard Gibson, Lincolnshire Choice

Tearfully optimistic. Already a club classic.