Teesside Troubadour (DVD)

Teesside Troubadour (DVD)

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About the DVD

After forty-plus years on the road, the story of Vin’s roving life is told in this definitive documentary by Craig Hornby (A Century in Stone). Filmed around the world and back in his native North-East, it combines fly on the wall, rare archive and live concert plus candid interviews with family, friends and peers. TT is typically Vin: fascinating, philosopghical and funny. And the DVD includes an extra 60 mins of concert footage!


  • “An incredibly uplifting film” - Living Tradition
  • “The technical quality is first class. An indispensable portrait of a folk icon” - fROOTS
  • “A must for all Garbutt fans” - Rock n Reel
  • “Should be prescribed on the national health” - English Song & Dance

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