Plugged! was made in response to public demand for a “live CD with all the patter!” So that is exactly what this is, a 'warts n’all’ album. Vin was renowned for his hilarious, shaggy dog stories which had the audience in stitches. Having lulled everyone into a false sense of security he would then launched into a searingly poignant song of such seriousness that your tears of laughter turn into tears of sadness.

Vin had a history of being first with the news. As one magazine put it, "Vin was green before the Greens were green", as anyone who has a copy of Vin's very first album Valley Of Tees (1972) will testify. The track ‘Darwin To Dili’, which you find on Plugged!, was written in 1994 and the subject matter, the tragedy of East Timor, finally reached the front pages of the English press in 1999 sparking a revival of the song in folk clubs.

It is impossible to recreate the atmosphere of a live Vin Garbutt concert, but this is as near as you are going to get!

Folk Talk

This album is 71 minutes of Vin at his very, very best. Recorded live at The Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham. The album combines Vin's massive song writing and performance talents with his unique style of presentation, with all its wit and perception. Each track comes complete with Vin's highly original pre-song patter, and altogether it's as close as a record can get to actually being there. Of all Vin's recordings this one must rate amongst the best, it is the work of a man whose ideas and music are still evolving. It leaves you with the impression that there is a lot more to come in the future.

Jim Hancock

The Living Tradition

"I doubt I'll hear anything better this year".

Hector Christie

The Gazette

"Vin is more than just a singer, he's an all-round genius of entertainment. His concerts are as funny as they are musically superb and this album shows off Vin's music at its best - played live. 10 out of 10".

Mike Potter



Track Reviews


The choice of 'Wings' written by Brian Bedford of Artisan to start the set is typical of Vin's incredible perception to choosing exactly the right song to suit the moment. This is I think Brian's best song yet and Vin's sensitive interpretation and delivery of it should go a long way to ensuring it gets more of the acclaim it deserves. It certainly has the audience and listener spellbound immediately.

Ken Atkinson, Stirrings

An excellent song sung by a soaring gift of a voice.

Hector Christie, The Living Tradition

A Man of the Earth 

A great song by Bernie Parry which gets new life in Vin's hands, though he sings it with such commitment and freedom it is impossible to join him in the chorus despite his invitation. As poignant and relevant today as it was when it was first written in the 70's.
Ken Atkinson, Stirrings

Fell Off The Back Of A Boat

The only humorous song on the album and as Vin says something of a throw away item.
Ken Atkinson, Stirrings

Darwin To Dili

Of Vin's own songs on this album my favourite is 'Darwin To Dili', about the Indonesian invasion of East Timor and the awful slaughter of its people. For me it contains everything that is synonymous with the man and his music. Thought provoking and emotive lyrics with not a word wasted, backed up by a stirring tune and accompaniment and a memorable chorus that encourages everyone to be a part of it and the whole thing brought to life with the sheer commitment and dynamism of the performer. This is Vin at his best.
Ken Atkinson, Stirrings

Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

I must admit to a love for 'Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms' and Vin's sensitive rendition of this beautiful song only serves to be a must for every Vin Garbutt fan.

Jim Hancock, Folk Talk