Vin Garbutt...all the very best

18th April 2019
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This CD is SOLD OUT in the UK and is no longer available from Vin's website. But copies are still available from the Australian outlets.


This new CD is a recording of Vin's last ever performance in concert in Australia, recorded at Burke & Wills Folk Festival March 2016. The CD has been produced by The Troubadour Foundation and all proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to The Troubadour Foundation.

Chilblains (Have I Done One Yet?), The Loftus Emigrant, Caffeine-free Alcohol (Ta Very Much), The College, Abridged HistoriesLoftus Area (Ah'm Knackered Now Are You?), The Beggar's Bridge, Kiss Shiraz Goodbye (All The Very Best Everybody!), Your Welcome Was So Warm.

About The Troubadour Foundation.   Patron Eric Bogle

The Troubadour Foundation raises funds and provides assistance for projects that help sustain Australian folk culture.

Leading Australian and international folk artists including Vin have supported Troubadour Foundation projects since its foundation in 2007

The "Festival Folk Sing" series of CDs and concerts has helped raise funds for the Troubadour Foundation and assisted in raising the Foundation's profile. "Vin Garbutt....all the very best" is the latest addition to the series.

You can help support the Troubadour foundation by buying these CD's -

You can order "All The Very Best" by going to SHOP on the menu on this website but if you would like to order other CDs in the series or live in Australia please email

The Troubadour Foundation has assisted up-and-coming folk artists with the production of CDs and with travel assistance. The Foundation has also assisted a range of folk community projects.

The Troubadour Foundation Inc. (ABN 17 873 137 355) is a charitable institution that operates The Troubadour Foundation Public Fund, which is a Deductible Gift Recipient for the purposes of receiving gifts and donations.

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