The New CD - Synthetic Hues

9th October 2014
The New CD - Synthetic Hues photo

AT LAST! The long awaited new CD from Vin is days away. ‘Synthetic Hues’ an album of  classic Vin Garbutt songs plus some outstanding songs from other writers that Vin has collected. Thirteen tracks altogether, songs that you will recognise from Vin’s  live performances and  the odd surprise such as the famous Eric Bogle song ‘No Man’s Land’. Vin is beautifully accompanied by musicians Stewart Hardy on fiddle, multi instrumentalist Becky Taylor, Dave O’Neill on mandolin and Kristen Peacock on piano. Resulting in a full rich sound evoking feelings from anger to tenderness. Vin has always been a master at recognising the quality and promise in a song at first hearing, often at a folk club and four such songs are given the full Garbutt treatment on this album. Of course the quality of his own songs live up to expectations, cleverly crafted and heartfelt.

My Eldorado/The Lass Of Cockerton/ From The Diary Of A Northumberland  Miner/The Black Poplar/The Caver’s Song/If/The Kipple Bat/Teesbay/Teacher From Persia/Your welcome Was So Warm/The Falllen Of Fulstow/No Man’s Land/The College

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